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Welcome to … a Blog for the Casual Wine Drinker.

Wine has been a passionate interest of mine for over 35 years. I have visited wineries and vineyards, bought Bordeaux futures in good years, and subscribed to various wine publications. I routinely taste different wines, usually 3 or 4 times a month. It could be with friends, passing around different wines, or in more formal wine tasting events. In addition, I have studied where the grapes are grown, how the wines are made, and which wines go best with which food. Yes, I am wine geek. No apologies.

Even though we love wine, we’re not really for the connoisseur here. The idea here is to help people enjoy wine, food, and friends without going through all the rituals that wine geeks and professionals do. Showing you how to find good wine cheap, choose wine you like, match food and wine, and de-mystify wine labels are all things you will be able to find out about here. There are many places you can go to learn to swirl, sniff, slurp and gargle your way to wine enlightenment. This isn’t one of them. I have been accurately described as a wine geek. But I know that most wine is consumed with family & friends – not in an organized wine tasting.

Recently, a friend and I had an opportunity to teach the wait staff at a private club about wine. How to evaluate it, serve it, and recommend it to members. We also went over food pairings and tasted wines with food so they could experience what we were saying. We all had a great time. We will be going back soon to do the second half, and we are really looking forward to it.

Doing the events for the wait staff showed me how much I enjoy sharing knowledge and experience about wine. In talking with some people I know, I have found that while they like wine, they are sometimes disappointed in the wines they buy. So they stick with one they like, and never try anything else. Wouldn’t that get a little boring? If that’s you, maybe we can find a way to help you expand your wine horizons a little.

For me, finding good value wine is where the fun is. Anyone can find a good wine for $50 a bottle. Wine is supposed to be enjoyed; no need to stress over it. So I hope to help you discover what you like, find it at an affordable price, save some time and money, enjoy your time with friends and family, and , most of all, avoid bad wine.

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Jim Boswell

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